Inspiring School Leaders (ISL) is a remarkable initiative that brings school leaders around the world together for an innovative conference on latest global trends and practices on school management and educational leadership. We believe that an international conference shedding light into the latest trends and research on school leadership can provide cutting edge perspectives from the best minds worldwide and transform education by re-considering the role of school leaders in instructional excellence.

Educational leadership has become a subject undergoing intense study as it plays a key role in improving school outcomes by influencing not only teachers’ motivation, but also the school environment as a whole. As countries seek for new educational systems to adapt to the changing needs of society, various educational leadership approaches have been developed in the search of an ideal school system.

It is the responsibility of policy makers and practitioners to improve the learning outcomes for students. Thus, there are significant points to discuss such as adaptation of the curriculum to local needs, discretion in setting strategic direction, sustainability of the success of the school, changing measurement and control systems, and ensuring the motivation of teachers and students.

ISL Cambridge provides a favourable atmosphere to learn about and examine the latest debates on educational leadership closely, under the guidance of professionals of the field. With keynote speeches, lectures and concurrent workshop sessions on a wide range of issues, educational leadership will be discussed thoroughly from different aspects. Cambridge has long been a world-changing centre of ideas and achievements for science, innovation, and education – from the establishment of the fundamentals of physics to the discovery of the structure of DNA. The awesomely beautiful campus of University of Cambridge, is a wonderful backdrop in which to discuss, explore, and debate the new roles of educational leaders in times of change. As we gather in Cambridge, we invite you to think creatively about future schools, educational systems, and school leadership in the 21st century.

We are thrilled to invite school leaders, educators and administrators who are directly or indirectly involved in school leadership. ISL will provide a platform where they can reflect on their own leadership and best practices of educational leadership with nationally and internationally renowned academics, experts and educators.

This is a unique professional development opportunity for school leaders to familiarise themselves with the latest local and global trends in educational leadership and to share ideas and experiences that may lead to university-school partnerships and innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges in the educational system.

Inspiring School Leaders Conference is an annual event organised by Perceptum Education. Perceptum is an international education consultancy offering wide-ranging educational services and training programmes for school leaders, teachers and students. Collaborating with prestigious universities and institutions in London, Oxford and Cambridge, Perceptum provides tailor-made educational programmes and trainings for individuals and groups who want to participate in trips, workshops, seminars, conferences and English-language courses in the UK. To find out more please visit the website: